Waterproofing Paint; Water-Tite 201 Proflex, 20L

Waterproofing Paint; Water-Tite 201 Proflex, 20L

  • $285.00

Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 201 (Proflex) is a waterproof elastomeric decorative water-based coating for above-grade exterior surfaces such as stucco, concrete block. Formulated from a blend of acrylic polymers, Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 201 (Proflex) offers long-term exterior durability and retention of elasticity. It has matt or semi gloss finish.




1. Stucco
2. Brick
3. Above-grade concrete (cast-in-place and pre-cast)
4. Concrete block and other properly prepared surface where highly durable elastomeric coating is required.


Coverage rate will vary with the density, porosity and finish of the stucco (150-200 sq.m per 20L) 


1. Waterproofs when applied according to recommendations.
2. Elastomeric properties.
3. Outstanding adhesive and cohesive strength.
4. Superior weathering properties.
5. Breathing film
6. Water-based system-easy to clean up
7. Roller or spray application.
8. Fungus or mildew resistant.