Water-Tite 101 Crystalline

Water-Tite 101 Crystalline

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Water-Tite 101 is a crystalline capillary waterproofing formulation which provides a lasting imperviousness to water. It is used for both internal and external applications and has excellent adhesion to all cement-based substrates.

Recommended for use in the following applications:

  • water treatment or sewage structures
  • basement walls
  • irrigation tunnels
  • supporting walls/columns
  • tunnels, silos, water tanks
  • foundation slabs inside
  • underground garages 



  • Water-Tite 101 is a crystalline capillary waterproofing formulation of selected blends 
  • Non-flammable



  • Estimated coverage of 1 to 1.3 kg per sq meter @ 2 coats (but actual coverage will depend upon the profile and porosity of the substrate)



  1. Water-Tite 101 can be applied on both new and old structures either on water retaining side or on the negative side.
  2. For surface preparation, make sure surface is free of laitance, dirt, paint coating and other foreign matter.
  3. Surface must be left damp for application of Water-Tite 101
  4. Mix 4.54 kg with 1.5 liters of clean water OR 25 kg bag with 8.25 liters of water.  Mix thoroughly with slow speed drill equipment until cramy consistency is achieved.
  5. Allow mix to rest for 15 minutes then apply