Hollow Brick and Block Anchoring Sleeves (Set of 10)

  • $33.00

Nylon anchors designed to hold anchor bolt an expansion free anchor fixing. Used for hanging and mounting in wooden boards, interior designing and interior fixtures. Suitable for solid panel, hollow block and brick.

Chemical fixing to

Nylon Sleeve for Hollow Brick and Block Forms a solid plug of adhesive in the brick or block cavity to provide secure anchoring point.

Once the resin is cured you'll have a very strong anchorage that doesn't reply on expansion and the brick won't crack under load.

Fields of application:

  • suitable for medium load
  • various hollow materials, such as:Honeycomb brick, perforated sand lime brick, hollow blocks
  • for fastening many profiled materials, such as anchor rods, perforated sleeves, reinforcing rods.


  • 1. Drill hole to specified diameter in brick or block using a drill bit.
  • 2. Brush and blow dust out of holes.
  • 3. Insert nylon sleeve into hole.
  • 4. Dispensing chemical anchor into sleeve.
  • 5. Insert threaded rod or stud into sleeve.
  • 6. Allow adhesive to cure before loading.


Features & Benefits

  • Corrosion resistant nylon.
  • No expansion stress on brick.
  • Non-destructive installation.
  • Easy, simple and quick to install.
  • Extensive range for various cost-efficient applications.
  • Secure anchoring in perforated stone.
  • Especially suitable for edge fastenings as the underground is not additionally strained by outer radial force.
  • Anchoring through bonding and form mating between mortar, perforated sleeve, anchor rod and underground.