Pipe Jointing Epoxy Putty

  • $39.50

PIONEER PRO Pipe Jointing Epoxy Putty is a two-component, modified epoxy compound especially formulated for jointing and sealing joints of almost all types of pipes.

Available in 1.9L sets 


  • 100% solid content and negligible shrinkage
  • Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Low VOC; environment friendly
  • Potlife: 1-2 hours 
  • Tack-free time: 3-4 hours 
  • Cure time: 72 hours
  • High bond characteristics



  • Suitable for pipe joints made of cast iron, concrete, clay, asbestos, and rigid PVC.



For maximum adhesion, surfaces should be clean, free of dirt, oil of grease. Metal pipes should be sanded or abraded; as for PVC pipes, wash with soap and water or vapour degreased with trichlorethylene; concrete, asbestos or clay pipes should be free from dust/dirt of loose particles prior to application of adhesive.



Mix equal volumes of Parts A and B and blend well until uniform color is obtained.

Fill deep portions with fillers, then trowel the epoxy mixture into the joints using a caulking tool or spatula.

Clean trowel and other equipment used during application with kerosene, ketone or toluene before the mixture sets or hardens.



Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact. If skin contact occurs, wipe with cloth or tissue paper, then wash with soap and water. When eye contact occurs, flush with clean water and obtain medical attention immediately.