Epoxy Coating; GreatFloor-300 High Chemical Resistance

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PIONEER PRO GreatFloor-300 is a two-component polyamide epoxy compound, which cures into a tough hard film and abrasion resistance. Used for coating new or old un-coated or previously coated industrial concrete floors exposed to:

> heavy foot and vehicle traffic;

> Intermittent chemical spills, splashes and washing.


For primer, please visit GreatFloor-100.



  • A two-component, heavy-duty, 100% solids epoxy floor coating for heavy-duty protection of industrial floors.
  • Has a gloss finish
  • With coverage of 2 square meters per litre
  • With very good weathering resistance
  • Available in red, yellow, dark grey, light grey, green, blue, white and beige colours 


Available in  cans of 4 Litre sets.

  • Dry Time (Initial cure @ 29 deg C): 3-6 hours
  • Full Cure/Maximum Strength: 168 hours
  • Pot life (@29 deg C): 1/2 to 1 hour, less at higher temperatures.
  1. Do surface inspection before application.  Check floor design, integrity and contaminants.  Check moisture content too as this may be detrimental to coating adhesion.
  2. To prepare surface,  make sure it is dry, clean and free from oils, fats or greases.  
  3. If the surface to be coated is smooth, it should be abraded using medium to coarse sandpaper for better adhesion.
  4. Mixing ratio is 2 parts A to 1 part B
  5. Stir individual components then combine, adding part B to part A and mix thoroughly until uniformly blended to a workable consistency.