Epoxy Coating; GreatFloor-200

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PIONEER PRO GreatFloor-200 is a two-component polyamide epoxy compound, which cures into a tough hard film and abrasion resistance.

Used as topcoat on primer, as well as finish coat over broadcast aggregate, slurry and trowel epoxy systems.

For primer, please visit GreatFloor-100.





  • A two-component polyamide epoxy compound that cures into a tough and hard film.
  • With superior abrasion resistance giving floors a seamless tile-like finish.
  • Available in different colours: red, yellow, blue, light grey, dark grey, white.


Available in  cans of 4 Litre sets.



- Tack-free time: 3-4 hrs at room temperature

- Cure time: 100% cure (overnight)

- Coverage: 12-15 SQM per kit (gallon) at 2 coats



  1. Ideal for use in warehouses, bottling plants, kitchens, showrooms, garages.
  2. Apply to concrete floors to seal and protect against dirt and grease.
  3. Mixing ratio of 3:1 (component A/component B)
  4. Application method is by paint brush, paint roller or spray