Epoxy Primer; GreatFloor-100

  • $158.00

Used as a stand-alone protective coating, high strength, pigmented binder for light to heavy-duty seamless epoxy coating. Also as low viscosity and high quality concrete protective coating. GreatFloor 100 is mainly used as a trowel (or roller) applied primer for GreatFloor-200 and GreatFloor-300. But it can also be used as a topcoat on concrete and steel.





  • Great Floor 100 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy
  • With low viscosity for good penetration into concrete and uniform wetting of filler aggregates
  • Gloss finish.  Will chalk if exposed to sunlight


Available in cans of 4 Litre sets. Available colours: Grey, White and ...



    • Low viscosity
    • Dry time: initial cure: 12 hours at 29 deg C
    • Full Cure Maximum Strength: 168 hours
    • Coverage: 20-25 square meters per gallon  


  1. Apply to concrete floors as a primer to stabilize the surface and give excellent adhesion for epoxy coatings.
  2. Induction time of 5-10 minutes is required for the 2 resins to partially co-react.
  3. Mixing ratio of 2:1 (part A to part B)