Epoxymix- Epoxy Grout-100 4kg (3:1)

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High Performance structural epoxy gap filler and grout. It is a three-component, multi purpose, moisture tolerant, epoxy grouting system. It can be used for grouting applications up to 80 mm in depth, as well as repair of concrete structures.


Epoxymix – Epoxy Grout-100, 4kg is our high performance, pure epoxy grout (gap filler). Easy to mix and pourable after mix. It can be applied at elevated temperatures up to 40 C, Can be used on wet substrates, a reasonable fast gel time of approximate 15 to 20 mins. 



To be used for filling gaps, and as structural grout.



Gets smooth finish, easy to work with


2 pails (A & B), 3 + 1 kg