Epoxymix- Crack Repair MV

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Ultra High Performance Crack Filling epoxy mortar in 400 ml cartridges. This product is designed to have medium viscosity in order to mix into the right consistency for vertical and horizontal cracks.


Epoxymix – Crack Repair MV - 400 mL is our high performance, pure epoxy mortar for Crack injection / Concrete patch & repair applications, very fluffy, can be applied at elevated temperatures up to 45 C, Can be used on wet substrates, a reasonable fast gel time of approx. 15 mins it gives you enough time… yet can be load-bearing in 6-7 hrs. 



To be used for filling and sealing cracks, repair small patches in concrete and masonry substrates. Please visit this page in order to find a suitable application gun for this product.



Gets smooth finish, easy to work with

The main feature of that product is that you don't need to be very careful in mixing A and B; both parts are mixed together in the nozzle (static mixer) as they come out of cartridge.

Dual cartridge (Parts A and B)