Acrylic Concrete/Mortar Admixture- BondCrete 400

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PIONEER PRO Bond Crete 400 is a modified, water-based acrylic dispersion formulated as cement modifier and bonding agent. This product can be added to cement mortars in order to enhance their physical and mechanical characteristics. A cement based mortar, modified with Bond Crete 400, provides a superior waterproofing advantage.


Available in 4L containers



  • Improves water resistance of concrete
  • Improves bond strength between concrete
  • Improves compressive and flexural strength of cement based products and concrete



  • As bonding agent on concrete floor topping, renders and cement plastering mortars
  • As cement modifier for plastering mortar and topping screed
  • As an admixture to cement-based concrete repair mortars



For preparation of substrate, make sure that the surface is clean, dry, free of impurities and uncontaminated by oil or grease. Roughen smooth surfaces. Also, pre-wet the substrates thoroughly with clean water to reduce moisture loss by absorption; and free standing water should be removed.



Apply PIONEER PRO Bond Crete 400 by brush while ensuring the entire surface is wetted out. On the other hand, for mixing to sand and cement, add Bond Crete 400 to topping, repair mortar and plastering. Apply the mixture using steel trowel.