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First of all, how did you go with your Ultimate Concrete Repair Kit?
Did you use our epoxies? or the concrete sealer? or the PU sealant?

This was a pleasure for us to send you our bests, at a heavily discounted rate.
We want you to still get the most out of our systems and products, over and over again.

Concrete Repair Epoxy Thin Mortar; Concrete Epoxy LV (Low Viscosity)

Concrete Repair Epoxy Thin Mortar; Concrete Epoxy LV (Low Viscosity)

The best crack filler & sealer, most durable low viscosity concrete repair mortar and also binder for old concrete to freshly poured concrete topping; and also suitable as a
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epoxy concrete patch repair

Concrete Repair Epoxy Mortar; Concrete Epoxy HV (High Viscosity)

Strongest repair mortar for concrete buildings, bridges, floors and walls. APPLICATIONS 1. Unique as patch repair of concrete and filling holes and wide cracks. 2. Bonding old concrete to
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Concrete Sealer (Water Based- Nano)

Concrete Sealer (Water Based- Nano)

Concrete Sealer-6981 is a highly effective sealer and waterproof agent developed to provide water repellent characteristics for porous construction materials such as concrete block, cement, brick, ceramic tiles, building insulation
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Epoxy Coating; GreatFloor-300 High Chemical Resistance

PIONEER PRO GreatFloor-300 is a two-component polyamide epoxy compound, which cures into a tough hard film and abrasion resistance. Used for coating new or old un-coated or previously coated
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PIONEER PRO Flex-O-Seal is a class A gun-grade polyurethane sealant that has excellent adhesive properties and excellent weathering and ageing resistance. Features and Benefits Excellent dynamic movement capability Low
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Rest assured that your products have been used on small to big projects, from a driveway, to concrete floor with heavy lift-truck traffic, or even from Wynyard station to bridges.

Proven system that helps you win the day! 


What our customers think about us

Edie A

Concrete Placer

I literally used the whole kit on 2 job sites. Although I used them indoors, my customer and I were really happy with the quick fix, and now after 6 months it still looks as it did the first day.

Kevin W


Concrete Epoxy LV is the nicest self levelling product I've ever used. Mixes easily and does teh whole job by itself.

Ali A


My partner and I have always been surprised by GESS team. The guys there send the products to us, immediately after we order. Technical team has also been very helpful. 

Ultimate Concrete Repair Kit

Ultimate Concrete Repair Kit

100% Guaranteed - Premium Quality

We are commited to bringing you the best product quality and as fast as we can. You will receive 100% of your money back if we don't deliver what we promised to you. Go to a job site and start using our goods.