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GESS Multi-filla

Crack Filler & Repair; Multi-Filla (Construction Filler)

Pioneer Pro Multi-Filla is a versatile, non-shrinking epoxy product that serves as true adhesive and filler in one. It is ideal for filling applications of up to 30 mm
Epoxy Grout- Epoxymix

Epoxymix- Epoxy Grout-100 4kg (3:1)

High Performance structural epoxy gap filler and grout. It is a three-component, multi purpose, moisture tolerant, epoxy grouting system. It can be used for grouting applications up to 80 mm

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Ideal for applications that require repair, bonding and fabrications... Filling and sealing of cracks, repair of concrete, timber and ... Bonding agent for all substrates. APPLICATIONS A multi-purpose adhesive
Concrete Repair Epoxy Thin Mortar; Concrete Epoxy LV (Low Viscosity)

Concrete Repair Epoxy Thin Mortar; Concrete Epoxy LV (Low Viscosity)

The best crack filler & sealer, most durable low viscosity concrete repair mortar and also binder for old concrete to freshly poured concrete topping; and also suitable as a
Concrete Sealer (Water Based)

Concrete Sealer (Water Based)

Concrete Sealer-6981 is a highly effective sealer and waterproof agent developed to provide water repellent characteristics for porous construction materials such as concrete block, cement, brick, ceramic tiles, building insulation
GESS Bond Crete

Acrylic Concrete/Mortar Admixture- BondCrete 400

PIONEER PRO Bond Crete 400 is a modified, water-based acrylic dispersion formulated as cement modifier and bonding agent. This product can be added to cement mortars in order to

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