Waterproofing Paint; Water-Tite 200 Barricade- White

Waterproofing Paint; Water-Tite 200 Barricade- White

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Water-Tite 200 Barricade is a decorative, economical, self-priming acrylic elastomeric coating designed to bridge hairline cracks in vertical masonry surfaces.


      Pack size: 4L and 20L pail



      • 100% elongation (can withstand joint movement)
      • Cures to a seamless homogeneous layer
      • Permanently seals cracks and crevices


      • Fire wall, canopy
      • Interior and exterior concrete surface
      • Acoustic board, fiberboard
      • Masonry, plaster, bricks, CHB



      For preparation of substrate, make sure that the surface is clean, dry, free of impurities and uncontaminated by oil or grease.



      For renovation of previously coated surfaces, make sure that signs of mildew and fungus are removed from the surfaces to deter subsequent growth. Wash surfaces vigorously with a solution of 1 table-spoon of detergent and 1 to 2 pints of liquid bleach in 1 gallon of water (0.125 to 0.25 liters per liter of water). Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Pressure clean (2100 psi min) to remove all impurities, laitance, and peeling. Allow surfaces to dry before proceeding (at least 24 hours or longer if the surface is porous). Repair delaminated stucco, damaged concrete, brick and concrete block using Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 200 Barricade.

      For sills, all stucco windows sills should receive a coat of brush-grade patching compound to render a smooth surface.

      For parapets, do crack repair and treat backside of parapets in the same manner as exterior walls, terminating at roof counter flashing. If top of parapet wall is exposed masonry, apply a coat of patching compound to create a smooth, well-drained surface. Recaulking of reglet may be required.

      Recaulking of old windows is essential in the waterproofing and renovations of existing structures. Perimeters, joints and mullions should be inspected and recaulked as required.
      For new construction of stuccos (trowel led, floated or blown on), all stucco must be cured for at least 28 days prior to application of Water-Tite 200 Barricade. Surfaces should be clean and free of oil and grease.

      On clean and unpainted surfaces, apply one Water-Tite 200 Barricade Prime coat. As finishing coat, apply Water-Tite 200 Barricade at 20-25 sq.m/4L in 2 coats.

      For pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete (cured 28 days), prepare the surface by removing all impurities and contaminants that may affect adhesion. Smooth precast or cast-in-place may require acid etching. In such cases the surface must be first dampened, then acid cleaned and etched with 1:1 solution by volume of commercial muriatic acid and water followed by a thorough pressure wash to remove acid.

      Allow surfaces to dry (at least 24 hours), then apply Water-Tite 200 Barricade Prime coat at a rate 30-35 sq.m/gallon in 2 coats. Finish coat must be applied in a pinhole free, continuous membrane for waterproofing integrity.