Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant; Elastoseal

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ElastoSeal is a single-component, ready-to-use, high-grade roof sealant that lasts and works even on wet surfaces.


Pack size: 1L, 1/2 L pails or 300ml cartridge and carton of 24 x 300ml cartridges.


Features and Benefits

  • Non-sag and non-flow even up to 1/2″ thickness
  • Suitable for vertical and sloping application
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays

Application Areas

  • Seals joints, gaps, and holes on: roof, gutter, flashing, downspout, drainpipe
  • Seals and adheres: PVC pipes and fixtures
  • Seals gaps and joints between metal & glass


For preparation of substrate, make sure that the surface is clean, dry, free of impurities and uncontaminated by oil or grease.

Method of Application

To use, first, cut nozzle to desired size. Then insert cartridge into the caulking gun. Push sealant ahead for uniform bead size. If there’s excess sealant, clean it off with solvent.