Carton of Liquid Nail (Builder's Bond) Construction Adhesive

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Ideal for bonding wood, metal, plastics, EPS foam, gypsum and fiber board, and ceramic tiles; reduces or eliminates the need for screws and nails.




A single component high strength construction adhesive. Colour: Beige



Available in 300mL cartridges (cartons of 6, 12 or 24 cartridges)



  • Tack-free time: less than 20 minutes 

  • Setting time: 2 hours (depends on surface porosity) 

  • Cure time: 2-3 days (depends on surface porosity)


How to use

  1. Apply the adhesive on the surface of the material to be bonded.

  2. Press firmly against the other surface then pull them apart until you see webbing in the product.

  3. Put back the pieces and press firmly together.

  4. For heavy materials use a temporary mechanical fastener to hold the surfaces together. Maintain fastener during the cure time period.