Ultimate "Builder's" Kit

  • $159.00
  • Save $199

This is an introductory offer to all professionals.
What you will receive in these kits:
  • A kit of Low Viscosity Epoxy (Concrete Epoxy LV 1.9L). Second to none in filling the cracks and bond concrete to concrete or steel.
  • A kit of High Viscosity thick Epoxy (Concrete Epoxy HV 1.9L). Great to fill the gaps and repair the patches.
  • A 4L pail of Concrete Sealer. Keeping the concrete floor/driveway intact. 
  • 2 Small Epoxy Knead-it Putty (57gr each) for small but important jobs.
  • A 600ml sausage of polyurethan joing sealant for all floor joints. Why paying too much for this?
  • 1L Epoxy Coating for concrete and Steel in Grey colour. Decorative & protective.
  • 2 Spatula/Scrapers to be used for mixing and applying Epoxy repairs.
  • A pair of quality gloves for you to work with epoxy mixes.