Epoxy Concrete Repair 4160

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2 part Epoxy Mortar


Product description:

WILLPOX® 4160 is a solvent-free, pigmented 2-component reaction plastic based on epoxy resin.

Application: Generally, for filling and reprofiling all solid substrates for floor, wall and ceiling work e.g. concrete, screed, concrete with steel connections, wood, etc., concrete settlement cracks, joint levelling, roughness levelling, flaking, small-area damage to horse and livestock trailers and trailer floors.

The surface to be renovated must always be cleaned first with Special Cleaner.

Processing instructions: Separate the two insertable containers from each other and open these. Fill the -B-component (black-brown, small container) completely into the -A-component (grey-white, large container) with a trowel. Mix the two components thoroughly. Mechanical agitator at max. 300 rpm (slow-running drill with small agitator paddle attached), be sure to stir thoroughly from the bottom and sides as well.

Stir until the mixture is homogeneous (free of streaks) and shows a uniform colour. Mixing time approx. 3 min. Apply the finished filler mixture to the surface to be filled using a bricklayer’s trowel or similar and work immediately. Clean the trowels against each other between the working steps.

Properties: WILLPOX® 4160 comes ready-formulated for ease of use and cures without shrinkage.

Due to its expansion coefficient, which is almost the same as that of concrete, and its very good adhesion to the substrate, WILLPOX® 4160 is excellent for renovation, repair and backfilling work. WILLPOX® 4160 is particularly suitable for use under chemical and mechanical loads due to its special formulation. When cured and well compacted, is liquid-tight and thus particularly resistant to water, seawater and waste water, as well as to numerous alkalis, dilute acids, salt solutions, mineral oils, lubricants and fuels, and many solvents.

The technical properties of WILLPOX® 4160 are not affected by this. Before processing WILLPOX® 4160, it is essential to read the “General Technical Specifications” supplied with the product.

Read through and observe the “Instructions/Safety instructions for reactive resins”

Technical data:

Colour: grey (component A: grey-white; component B: black-brown)

Mixing ratio: 1:1

Consistency at 23°C: paste

Working time at 20°C: 20 – 25 minutes

Curing completion; after 7 days (20°C)

Minimum processing temperature: 10°C on the substrate

Storage: Cool and dry, but frost-free, approx. 1 year in unopened original container

Material consumption: 1.25 kg/m²/mm depending on the roughness of the surface

Container size: 5 kg (comp. A: 2.5 kg, comp. B: 2.5 kg)

Solid content: 100%