Flash Setting Waterproofing- WILLIT® S-WS

Flash Setting Waterproofing- WILLIT® S-WS

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Single-component, cement-based, ready-to-use dry-mix mortar

WILLIT® S-WS is used to instantly:
• Seal water ingress points in rock, concrete and masonry
• Create a waterproof seal between floor surfaces and rising masonry
• Create a waterproof seal against flowing water, even if submerged

• Concrete patch repair 


Technical data

Mechanical properties After 1hr 24hrs 28 days
Compressive strength MPa 18.0 20.0 22.0
Flexural Strength MPa 2.8  3.0 3.0

Setting time
Water requirement: 250 ml per 1 kg,

Processing time at 20°C approx. 30 seconds

Composition and properties
WILLIT® S-WS is a cement-based, ready-to-use dry-mix mortar that sets instantly.
Grain size: powder

WILLIT® S-WS is low-chromate in accordance with directive 2003/53/EC, resistant to sulphate, oils, frost and de-icing salt and is waterproof. It is free of chlorides and hence does not cause blooming or corrosion damage to iron parts. It expands as it sets and guarantees excellent adhesion.


The surface must be clean, stable and free from parts that could hinder adhesion. If necessary, enlarge the areas being be repaired to a minimum depth of 2 cm and chisel them out in a dovetail shape.
WILLIT® S-WS is ready to use. Just add water. Water requirement: Approx. 250 ml per 1 kg, equivalent to approx. 25%.
Mix WILLIT® S-WS with the specified quantity of water to create a workable, easily formable mixture. The mixing time is approx. 15 seconds. It sets after approx. 30 seconds Form a plug from the mixture and hold it on a trowel or in your hand (wearing rubber gloves) until it begins to heat up. In a single motion, press this
plug firmly into the cavity and hold it still until the water stops flowing. When sealing longer cracks, work from the top down to the bottom. Remove excess material flush with the surface. Afterwards, keep the repaired area wet for 15 minutes.

1 kg of dry mortar yields around 0.5 litres of ready-to-use fresh mortar.

Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. It is advisable to use the product within 12 months