Super Glue; MightyBond

  • $8.50

Super Glue



Typically used for bonding porous and non-porous materials that require a fast and strong fix.


  • A high strength, fast setting cyanoacrylate adhesive that forms strong bonds on a wide variety of substrates.

  • Color: Clear


Available in 1g, 3g,


Technical Info

  • Setting time: 3-5 seconds

How to Use

  1. Apply in drops to one surface only. 1 drop per square inch is all that's needed.
  2. Press parts together and hold firmly for a few seconds.
  3. Good contact is essential.
  4. Use Mighty Remover to clean up or de-bond newly cured instant glue.
  5. Wipe nozzle with a piece of cloth before replacing the cap.