Epoxy Glue for Steel; Durasteel 5

Epoxy Glue for Steel; Durasteel 5

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Very strong epoxy glue in tube to glue metals. Extremely easy to use. It is mainly used in repairing pipes, valves and tanks; building up worn equipment; filling and leveling surfaces; making tools, templates and metal forming dies.



  • Specially formulated to repair or build up worn equipment.

  • May also be used in filling and levelling surfaces.

  • Can be used to make tools, templates, and metal forming dies.


  • A two-component, versatile adhesive ideal for repairing damaged equipment and can also fill gaps.

  • Cures quickly in 5 minutes to form a durable metallic mass.

  • Can be sanded, drilled and machines once fully cured. 

  • Provides a strong, heavy duty and durable bond.

  • Color: Metallic gray



Available in 35g tubes in blister pack and 15g tipid pack tubes




  • Potlife: 5 minutes 

  • Cure time (initial): 5 minutes 

  • Full cure: 72 hours



  1. Mix equal parts of components A and B.

  2. Blend thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved.

  3. Apply Epoxy on both surfaces to be bonded.