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Non foaming, elasticised two component resin for CRACK REPAIR

1. Purpose
WILLKAT® FV 120 /1 is a non foaming, elasticised repair resin for repairing and sealing cracks. This product comes in 2 small bottles. Can be mixed easily and the used for the cracks with no hassle.
The product

• has a thixotropic behaviour while mixing
• sticks well
• does not foam
• cures well even in thin layers
WILLKAT ® FV 120 /1 is delivered in two components.

• odourless
• clean application by practical dropper bottle
• low cost repair method


3. Reaction data

Mixing ratio (A) : (B) p. b. volume 100 : 100
Initial temperature [°C] 25
Processing time: 8 to 11 minutes
Application time: 17 to 23 mins
Curing time: 25 to 35 mins
Can be loadable [hours]: 24 hrs


4. Composition and properties
WILLKAT® FV 120 /1 component A is a special aqueous sodium silicate with additives. Component B is a modified polyisocyanate, that gives the flexible characteristics to the final product

During the reaction the A component cures to a silicate, while a solid polyisocyanate/polyurea is formed from the B component.

Final product:
Together A and B form a penetrating network, a tough elastic, non foamed silicate resin (organomineralresin).

5. Processing
The component A has to be poured completely into the bottle with component B. After closing the bottle both components are thoroughly mixed by shaking the bottle until a homogeneous product free of streaks is formed.
The product has to be applied by the dropper bottle and smoothed with a spatula.

Consumption data:
The usual range for screed renovation is approx. 6 running meters / set with 2x300 ml content, assuming that the crack width is approx. 4 mm and the crack depth is approx. 25 mm