Structural Putty- Marine Epoxy Maestro PioneerPro

Structural Putty- Marine Epoxy Maestro PioneerPro

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This Marine Epoxy is a 100% solids thermo-setting compound that forms strong bonds on a wide variety of rigid materials, e.g. concrete, glass, metals, ceramics, timber and some plastics (except polyethylene, soft PVC and Teflon).


Available in 1.9 kits.


1. Repairing timber abd fibreglass substrates. Filling cracks and also used for patch repairs on floors or vertical walls.
2. Fabrication
3. Repairing broken dentures
4. Bonding decorative and metal hardware to wood, metal and concrete


Tensile Strength 17 MPa
Compressive Strength: 33 MPa
Flexural Strength 36 MPa
Weathering Resistance
Excellent Chemical Resistance; Highly resistant to water, acids, alkali, and other organic solvents and chemicals