Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar; Repair Mortar

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Non-Sag Epoxy;

Ideal for construction repair applications and also boat building for increased strength, durability and reliability.



  • A two-component adhesive best suited for marine applications. 
  • Will not sag or drip if applied up to 1/2 of an inch thick making it ideal for vertical applications.
  • Adheres well to damp surfaces.
  • Color: Beige



Available in cans of 1L, 2L and 7.6L.



1. Bonds

- Dry or damp surfaces of wood, metal, concrete, glass, fiberglass (FRP or GRP) and some plastics.

- Attachment of metal fixtures, hull fittings and trims.

- Mounting engine bolts and metal or concrete pipe joints.


2. Seals

- Rough or imperfect grains of wooden hulls and structures.

- Leaks on rigid pipe joints.

- Encapsulates wood or metal structures to reinforce and protect them from elements of corrosion, deterioration and decay.


3. Fills

- Dents or curves and punctured holes of metal structures such as cars, trucks, other vehicles or equipment.

- Gaps, irregular surfaces of ferrocement or wooden boat hull structures.

- Uneven pattern of fiberglass (FRP or GRP).

- Sheathing of boat hulls prior to finishing or painting.


4. Repairs

- Imperfect joints, cracks, rot areas or holes caused by sea borers or when wood replacement is necessary.

- Masonry defects such as loose ceramic tiles, adobe stones, bricks,

- Stones blocks in bathrooms: kitchen and façade.  



  • Potlife: 40 to 70 mins 


  1. Mix equal parts of components A and B.
  2. Blend thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved.
  3. Epoxy Reducer may be mixed into the epoxy to achieve a less viscous consistency.