Epoxy Primer for Concrete Repair - Crack Repair (ULV)

Epoxy Primer for Concrete Repair - Crack Repair (ULV)

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PIONEER EPOXY PRIMER FOR CONCRETE REPAIR is an ultra low viscosity, two component versatile, non-shrink epoxy product. When mixed together it produces a very tough material highly resistant to water and most chemicals including gasoline, oil, some acids, and alkalis. It contains no solvent, hence,
there is no shrinkage during cure and it will not chip, crack or peel.

Viscosity of the product is ideal for priming and sealing hairline cracks.



· Ideal for priming on concrete

. Ideal for hairline cracks

· Excellent bonding strength

· Ideal fore underwater crack injection jobs.

· Highly resistant to water

· Highly resistant to chemicals


AVAILABLE in 3.8L Kits


Tensile Strength (D638) : 32 MPa
Flexural Strength (D790): 52 MPa
Compressive Strength (D695-91) : 75 MPa