Concrete Sealer (Water Based- Nano)

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Concrete Sealer is a highly effective sealer and protective agent developed to provide water repellent characteristics for porous construction materials such as concrete block, cement, brick, ceramic tiles, building insulation material and light weighted composite material etc.
The active ingredients which is nano-size penetrate deeply into the substrates and bond with them, form penetration protective layer on the surface. With super low surface tension, it boosts water repellency and fast beading action.




4L pails (covers 25 to 50 sqm)



· Chemically bond, long lasting protection
· Good penetration into porous substrates, good abrasion resistance
· Resist water vapor, moisture and liquid water into substrate
· One-way breathable, repair small crack (0.2mm)
· Fast curing, quickly for using
· Chemical resistance, such as acid, chloride ion; UV resistance
· Hydrophobic effect - Excellent
· Frost proof, anti-freezing and thawing, resist high /low temperature(-50℃-200℃)- Good
· Does not change surface appearance
· Environmentally friendly



Concrete Sealer H6981 is ready to use penetrating water repellent.
· Material surface must be clean and dry .
· Spraying, brushing, soaking or rolling are suitable for this application. Please apply under the condition of natural ventilation.
· Spray with suitable low pressure, 10-15cm distance away.
· Apply the material on substrate until it's thoroughly saturated for middle or high density substrate, it is necessary to wipe up excess liquid with soft cloth after apply for 5-10 minutes.
· Don't put treated material to moisture or rain place, and dry in natural air. When the surface is dry, further treatment can be followed.
· Apply when the temperature is between 2℃-45℃(35.6-113°F).
· Maximum coverage per liter is 6-12 square meters, but depends on substrate density.