Structural Epoxy Adhesives

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Epoxy adhesives are the best performing glues and adhesives in construction, specially for structural purposes. Epoxy adhesives are usually 2-part, and the user need to mix part A and B together until a homogeneous mix/colour is achieved. That's when the adhesive is ready to be applied on almost any substrate (steel, timber, concrete and mineral substrates, tiles, ...). The other important advantag eof epoxy adhesives is that they are usually shrink-free, so they are most durable gluing systems, even for highly important structural applications, such as steel to steel bonds and FRP applications.


Also when choosing between these products, you may need to check their potlife, curing and their final strength, specially their tensile and shear strength. Because tensile and shear strength are the most important characteristics of a high performance glue. 


GESS-PioneerPro partnership offers a few top-notch structural epoxy adhesives with proven results:


1- All Purpose Structural Adhesive

2- Structural Adhesives

3- Concrete Epoxy LV


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